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ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum-18350 Triple XPL HI 6000K

ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum-18350 Triple XPL HI 6000K

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100% new condition.

No battery.   no packing box, just bubble wrapping.


head dia: 25mm/0.98 inch

total length: 80mm/ 3.15 inch

(battery included) weight: 91g/ 3.21 oz

Sapphire lens. glow in the dark gasket and oring.

Group1: (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%  ( Default)

Group2: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

Group3: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

Group4: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

Click here for  the programming guide. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jon-Patrick Cook
Painfully slow shipping (3 weeks still no item)

I purchased a ReyLight from Killzone which I liked, so I bought another from Reylight directly. It's been approaching three weeks now and I received an email requesting for me to provide feedback on the item that is still yet to arrive. Reylight needs to sort out these logistics.

Shipped 2023-08-27
Delivered 2023-09-12

Adi Eivan
ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum-18350 Triple Nichia 519a 4000K R9080

Great flashlight. Solid build and materials. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Comes so close to being the perfect EDC light

--- Right sized. With the 18350 cell, the light is just the right size where it feels substantial to grip, but still small enough to carry with you everywhere.

--- The body has a nice look and is grippy to hold but easy to pull out of pocket unlike other flashlights that use aggressive knurling. It looks different too, I have the red one which stands out when I need to find it.

---- The right amount of programmability....the default levels are perfect for me. I only had to turn on the memory so it remembers the last mode. The programming is a little bit confusing so you have to read the instructions carefully. Google for the review of this light and those reviews explain it a little bit more clearly. But once you understand it, it's easy.

---- The tailswitch is recessed so it stands perfectly. And it requires a very firm push and has a satisfying click. There is no way you'll accidentally activate this light in a pocket.

---- nice flood beam with high CRI and the warm Nichia 519a color is perfect for my use as a indoor light and walking around.

---- that clip! you won't be losing your flashlight with this strong clip. It's stronger than any clip of most of my other lights., and really tight.

I have a lot of different lights and each of them have pros and cons, but what tells me this flashlight is special is how often I reach for this one when I have many other lights to choose from. That tells me it's the "just right" light.
It just feels like a quality tool and is everything I want/need and nothing more

Love my ReyLight Dawn

Love the relatively simple UI, and the memory function. Fit and finish is comparable to some high dollar custom lights. Perfect CRI from the Nichia 519a 4000k LEDs.