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Manker MC13 II- SBT90.2 LED- pocker thrower- Ti stonewash

Manker MC13 II- SBT90.2 LED- pocker thrower- Ti stonewash

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Key Feature
Gen 2 model.
Utilizes 1x LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED.
Max 4,500+ lumens output, and 665 meters beam distance.
Solid titanium TC4 body.
Copper light engine for best heat sinking.
Black plated stainless button and retainer.
Highest output and throw combo to size ratio.
First convertible 18350-18650 built in extendable body design.
Built-in body fast USB-C Charging.
Included 1x 18350 battery.
Strong Tail Magnet.

New Moonlight Programming Feature
1. From OFF, long press for ECO mode.
2. Quickly press 6 times and hold on the 6th for 5 seconds. LED indicator will flash red.
3. Single Press for up and Double Press for down brightness levels.
4. Press & Hold = Moonlight brightness memorized.

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Customer Reviews

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george shannon
Light of Flash

Anything coming from Rey Light has always been amazing and this did not disappoint!

Meor Azmi
Manker pocket rocket SBT90.2 4500 lm 665m thrower

The light comes i. A plastic case which is presentable with inner foam cutouts for light, accessories and charge cable. The light itself is vacuum pack from factory to preserve the bare copper head from oxidizing. In the yands the light felt very solid and dies have heft to it. Single side button with an internal led indicator to show battery power and charging indicator leds. It comes with a manual and the UI is straightforwards and easily understood. Basicalkt its a low