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Pineapple mini-Ti plain smooth

Pineapple mini-Ti plain smooth

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Meor Azmi
Cleancut premium look. Plain Ti smooth Mini Pineapple

Just wonderfully simple plain jane that appears premium in aesthetics and simple in operation. Coupled with the Nichia 519A 4000k led, its a partnership that would appeal to the masses. Although its smooth, its not slippery in the fingers and is a joy to use. Well balance beam profile and beautiful rosy tint makes this edc piece will definitely ve included in my edc rotation besides its other flavours ie the Segaiha etc.

Zane Hostetler
Phenomenal lights

Got two pineapple minis this go. I now have 5 and they are simply great lights. I will continue to buy them as funds allow (looking at a mokume mini). Rey just makes great lights. But with confidence. I have 8 Rey lights in total now. Only gripe is battery life on the minis with an 10440 leaves a bit to be desired but I’m not sure how much efficiency could be gained with such a small driver.

Jason Dickerson
Truly great light!!

If you’re in the reviews wondering if you should purchase a ReyLight just buy it already! It’s one of, if not THE edc lights to get! Unless you’re looking to spend way more.
It’s a truly great light! :)

Sweet little light...

Super nice little light for a great price. Sure, made overseas, but for 20% the cost of many US-made titanium edc lights it's worth picking up.

Richard Taracks
Reylight Rocks!

The products are amazing and high quality. The customer service is great. I own a number of different flashlight from Reylight and they are always in my rotation for my EDC.