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ReyLight x Vosteed Rook-Aluminum Triple Nichia 519a LED

ReyLight x Vosteed Rook-Aluminum Triple Nichia 519a LED

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Comes with rechargeable 18350 battery w/ USB-C charging port.


head dia: 24mm/0.94 inch

total length: 81mm/ 3.19 inch

(battery included) weight: 83.5g/ 2.9 oz  


Group1: (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%  ( Default)

Group2: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

Group3: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

Group4: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

Click here for  the programming guide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin Menezes
Great BOGO deal

Thank you for honoring my body colors request!

good size and great!

First off I'm used to Olight baton 3, but got to say, rook is amazing! Also good size, very easy to hold, plus my first multi emitter flashlight, recently got 2 Lanapples and really like them, decided to try this one, no hot spot/glaring light, perfect for nighttime work, only had for little bit but enjoy the size and outputs, only really use moon and 20%, with 3 emitters that's plenty of light for me, already have a 2d ordered, that's how good it is, I want a backup of it, by all means get one or more, can't say anything about run time yet, but many reviews say lower settings it lasts long time. I'm considering(drooling over) the bigger flashlights with multi emitters.... Rook is definitely replacing baton 3 for me, way better color rendering, far easier to hold.

Mister McKenzy
Amazing value, nice design, brilliant.

I have many pocket torches. Quite a few of Rey’s. This is a very nice EDC. The titanium clip and unique design actually make this an interesting piece that works as good as it looks! In a world of copycat pocket lights, the Rook is different and great. Now I need a titanium one!